What can other countries learn from South Korea’s COVID-19 responses?

  • Prakash Shahi Manavta
  • Pasang Devi Tamang University of Huddersifield
  • Yagya Bahadur Rokaya Karnali Academy of Health Science
Keywords: COVID-19, Pandemic, Response, South Korea


The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly growing and has been a major challenge for the health system globally. As of 27 April 2020, 213 country around the world are struggling to combat the spreading the virus with 28,58,635 confirmed cases and 1,96,295 confirmed deaths. The first case in South Korea was identified on 20 Jan 2020 but the number of confirmed cases started to increase rapidly on end of February with total of 7,513 cases reported as of 10 March 2020, second country to have experience outbreak.

South Korea’s effort to control the virus combined many approaches, such as organized and no negligence in response, extensive screening, provision of improved information and the use of technology. This experience could provide some valuable lessons for countries on response to control the spread of pandemic disease like COVID-19 or any other outbreak situation in coming days or for those who are yet to face the COVID-19 outbreak so that they can control the disease spread in early phase.

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Shahi, P., Tamang, P. D., & Rokaya, Y. B. (2020). What can other countries learn from South Korea’s COVID-19 responses?. Europasian Journal of Medical Sciences , 2(1). https://doi.org/10.46405/ejms.v2i1.51