Successful Pregnancy after Previous Uterine Rupture

  • Kenusha Tiwari Kathmandu Model Hospital


Uterine rupture is a rare and catastrophic incidence with high maternal and fetal morbidity rate. It is most commonly seen in scarred uterus. Unscarred uterus is least susceptible to rupture with incidence being 1 in 8000 deliveries. In the past, pregnancy after uterine rupture was not widely advised and patients underwent hysterectomy or tubal ligation but with the evolving practice women are motivated for pregnancy which can be successful with proper obstetric care and emphasis on time and mode of delivery.  Here we present a case of 31 years old female, Gravida 2 para 1 living 0 with previous uterine rupture after medical induction of labor with still birth 4 years ago. She underwent emergency laparotomy with repair. Patient spontaneously conceived and had close antenatal care throughout the pregnancy. Patient was admitted at 34 weeks of gestation and kept under close surveillance. Corticosteroid was administered. She underwent spontaneous labor at 37 weeks of gestation and emergency cesarean section was planned, delivering via breech presentation to a live baby of 2.4 kg, APGAR score of 8/10, 9/10 at 1 and 5 minutes.

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